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New Events

CK 10 Continental & Suites are committed to customer’s satisfaction, providing value for every demand of customers. With our continuing satisfactory obligation to customers, CK 10 Continental & Suites have events coming up every week from Wednesdays to Sundays. Each day of the events have its remarkable sensational experience.


The Open Bar’s Karaoke Night is platform for fans of various artist to sing their favorite songs of their artist with their own voice  harmonizing the beats from the song along side the lyrics.


Take care of your mood and your confidence will take care of itself while we delight you at our Open Bar Old Entertainment night.

“Good, new-fashioned Entertainment ways keep hearts sweet, heads sane, hands busy.”


Good moments at CK 10 Suites Open Bar brings the Joy of best entertainment with a life full of delight.


Music brings harmony to the world speaking its universal language to mankind. Come face the suiting music which lighten up the soul.


All around are people who are hurting , people who need love and encouragement. Use your Talent to put smile on their faces. Discover your music at CK10 Suites Open Bar.


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